Brittany Santos

actor + singer

"Brittany Santos, in the lead role of Maria, was a surprise. Her voice is outstanding, powerful, and has an angelic clarity that is perfect for the role [...] Physically, she fits the role as well, bringing a petite, youthful innocence with a burgeoning sense of self-determination. In her first scene, she is a timid and obedient young girl; in her final strut across the stage, she is a young woman who has looked tragedy in the eye and overcome some of the trials of adulthood."

Julinda D. Lewis | RVArt

"From romantic teenager to headstrong woman, Brittany Santos expertly depicts the changes Magnolia goes through over the course of the show. Santos and Parnell deliver some of the score's most romantic songs, including "Make Believe" and "You are Love" with a beautiful clarity through rich performances that infuse Hammerstein's lyrics with meaning."

Gil Benbrook | Talkin' Broadway

"Musically, Brittany Santos takes on a somewhat more demanding role as Maria. She’s at the top of her form as the clearest and most articulate voice in the quintet “Tonight,” [...] Then she must abruptly switch tones for the sparkling, operetta-like “I Feel Pretty.” Tall and thin, Santos also delivers a sense of Maria’s vulnerable fragility."

James MacKillop | Syracuse New Times

"Carrying the weight of the show’s biggest solo, “What I Did for Love,” is delicate Brittany Santos as Diana, who delivers deeply felt, heart-rending emotion. Santos also displays comic chops in 'Nothing,' when the dancer Diana flees from acting classes calling for the embodiment of expressive action."

James MacKillop | Syracuse New Times