West Side Story

"Brittany Santos, in the lead role of Maria, was a surprise. Her voice is outstanding, powerful, and has an angelic clarity that is perfect for the role [...] Physically, she fits the role as well, bringing a petite, youthful innocence with a burgeoning sense of self-determination. In her first scene, she is a timid and obedient young girl; in her final strut across the stage, she is a young woman who has looked tragedy in the eye and overcome some of the trials of adulthood."

Julinda D. Lewis | RVArt

"Musically, Brittany Santos takes on a somewhat more demanding role as Maria. She’s at the top of her form as the clearest and most articulate voice in the quintet “Tonight,” [...] Then she must abruptly switch tones for the sparkling, operetta-like “I Feel Pretty.” Tall and thin, Santos also delivers a sense of Maria’s vulnerable fragility."

James MacKillop | Syracuse New Times

"But the show’s singing and dancing are uniformly excellent, with Brittany Santos providing the most mesmerizing vocals as Maria."

Tony Farrell | Richmond Times Dispatch

"Luciano and Santos anchor all the epic battles and torment with refreshingly vulnerable, life-sized performances; Tony and Maria seem like real kids..."

Byran VanCampen | Ithaca.com

"Brittany Santos not only possesses the perfect features for Maria, but her trained voice soars. No surprise, then, that when the two characters perform together, both the haunting 'Tonight' on the balcony and 'One Hand, One Heart' at the bridal shop become inspiring highlights…"

David Appleford | Valley Screen and Stage

"Jesse Michels and Brittany Santos are exceptional as Tony and Maria. Their clear voices soar on their solos and come together beautifully on their numerous duets. They create a genuine and realistic couple, full of desire and love."

Gil Benbrook | Talkin' Broadway

"As Tony and Maria, Justin Luciano's and Brittany Santos' powerful voices are highlights of the production [...] Santos gives a consistently authentic performance..."

Jeremy Bustin | BroadwayWorld

"Brittany Santos [is] a radiant Maria whose gorgeous voice is pitch-perfect and demonstrates an impressive flexibility in both range and expression."

Linda Lowen | Syracuse.com